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Presentation of multimedia program

“The supplementary materials on 30 subjects to help primary school teachers”


 In the frame on the project on integration of bio-cultural knowledge into school program supported by Christensen Fund and Public Foundation “Taalim-Forum” the multimedia program “The supplementary materials on 30 subjects to help primary school teachers” was created.  


The multimedia program includes a big diversion of audio and video materials, photos, pictures, animation, graphics, texts and interactive text on follow themes: 


1. Kyrgyzstan my Motherland

2. Beautiful places of Kyrgyzstan

3. Environmental protection

4. My village

5. My town

6. Natural resources as the provision

7. Minerals

8. Fauna of Kyrgyzstan

9. Flora of Kyrgyzstan

10.Mountains and djailoo (pastures)

11. Places of interests in Kyrgyzstan

12. Handicraft

13.Yurta (traditional house)

14. Traditional music instruments

15.Traditional clothes

16. Domestic animals

17.Famous people of Kyrgyzstan

18. Nationalities in Kyrgyzstan

19. Human - the child of the nature

20. I  am a pupil

21. Security

22. Day and night

23. Sounds of the nature

24. Seasons

25. Nature phenomena

26. Water

27. Water power, Hydro electric station

28. Terrain orientation

29. Mysteries of the Universe

30. Thematic maps


An independent experts, members of Kyrgyz Academy of Education (KAE), school teachers and partner organizations were involved into creating process of the program.


In February 2014 after pilot presentation in Training Center for school teachers and in several secondary schools in Bishkek, the program was considered and approved by Academic Council KAE and recommended as supplementary material for study in primary schools.


In April and May 2014 the program presentation took place in Batken, Osh, Talas, Chui and Naryn regions where it had the success among visitors and good recommendations from the participants.  Everybody underlined the necessity and value of the program and express the desire to use it in the educational process on subjects as “Motherland Studies”, “Kyrgyz language”, “Art”, “Ethic” and extracurricular activities.


Final program presentation was hold in “Asia Trade Company” business-center on May 29, 2014 in Bishkek. The representatives from Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyz Academy of Education, regional training centers, educational department of Bishkek city hall, teachers training center of KAE, international educational organizations, ecological movement “BIOM”, Kyrgyz TV and radio company “Balastan” studio, newspapers “Ayil Demi” and “Kok Asaba”, partner organizations and school teachers from Gmeine’s school, who took an active part in working process.


Director of Public Foundation “Taalim-Forum” Mrs. Almagul Djumabaeva told about foundation’s activities and integration of the bio-cultural knowledge into school education project in which framework the program was created. Mrs. Kamalova, the representative of Ministry of Education and Science, told about perspectives of the multimedia programs in education. The project coordinator of Public Foundation “Taalim-Forum” Mrs. Gulmira Zarylbekova gave information about multimedia programs, benefits in education process, development levels and process of program piloting. Mr. Maxim Zangirov, program developer from PF “Taalim Forum”, demonstrated the conditions of interactive possibilities of the program and how to use it in educational purposes.   


Mrs Janyl Karimova, the primary school teacher from Gmeine’s School, who took an active part in working process of the creating the program, told about benefits for school teachers. “The program makes school teacher’s work easier, because some teachers have no possibilities to search information or have to invest from their own pocket for necessary manuals to use in their lessons. This program became a big present for searching teachers, who want to enrich and make lessons more interesting”, - told J. Karimova.


Representatives Lab preschool and primary school education KAE, Mr. A.D. Toktomametov and Mrs. Z.Zh. Mambetova noted meaningfulness materials program that they create a sense of healthy patriotism, good taste, give an idea of Kyrgyzstan, it’s beautiful nature, bright display connection with the environment and at the same time make it possible to obtain diverse information. It was told how the program and publication of PF "Taalim-Forum" held in KAE approval and have been recommended for use for educational purposes.


At the end, the question about the prospects and future of multimedia educational programs was raised and the plans to develop it by a public foundation.


At the end of the meeting, all participants had the opportunity to express their views and opinions. Overall, the program met with positive reviews all noted how it really necessary and useful, gives the possibility of integrated activities, in some cases even improve the skills of the teacher, develops creative thinking of a teacher and student. It was suggested as in addition to the free distribution of open access could be made ready discs on sale at affordable prices to those who do not have access to the Internet, the program received materials. At the end of the meeting, all participants received CDs with multimedia program in Kyrgyz and Russian languages.


The program is available on the website of PF "Taalim-Forum»:  www.taalimforum.kg


On our site you can download the program and all materials on 30 lessons. Because as presentations by teachers and specialists program will be updated and completed, it will be possible to download updated content.


Program developers and PF “Taalim-Forum” staff are open to cooperation with teachers and specialists who can send their proposals and contributions on any topics listed program by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Within the project supported by The Christensen Fund, “Taalim-Forum” is working on integration of knowledge on biocultural diversity in education of schoolchildren.

Biocultural diversity is “the multi-faceted expression of the beauty and potential of life” (Luisa Maffi, “Terralingua”, read more)

Biocultural diversity can be called the basis, the foundation of life of humans. Humans cannot exist outside of nature; life of people depends on it. For millennia of human evolution, there were formed such relations with nature which allowed to survive at the expense of resources and gifts of nature. Since ancient times, people realized that you can take from nature, but take in reasonable limits; nature can grant abundance as well as put in the hard conditions by bringing disasters, droughts and floods, which may result in shortages and hunger. (More in the interview of A.Djumabaeva)

Knowledge that has accumulated among people in their relations to the land can be called traditional ecological knowledge, and the ways of living based on traditional knowledge can be called ecological culture. Traditional ecological knowledge and skills are disappearing, as well as people – local experts and sages, who treasured legends and stories that taught each new generation to honor and respect their land, value food, avoid excesses, fear retribution and punishment by the patron saint of animals, springs, the mountains and forests for negligent attitude towards them.

The songs glorifying the beauty of nature, farming methods - organic and wise, based on deep knowledge of local place, weather changes, diversity of flora and fauna – also are disappearing.

In order to restore the thread transferring traditional ecological knowledge and conservation of bio-cultural diversity, "Taalim Forum" is working on publication of children's books containing knowledge about nature and culture of Kyrgyzstan. Educational books for young children have been published in Kyrgyz language. (See the catalog of books).

For school-age children (grades 1-4) we are working on developing of the multimedia program to support teachers. Basically materials are focused on teaching the “Motherland Study” subject. A distinctive feature of our materials is that in addition to the standard curriculum materials, they contain extensive material on nature and culture of Kyrgyzstan. Variety of videos audio materials, images, graphics, text and even cartoons will help teachers to increase the interest of students in learning, to educate children in the spirit of respect for their native land and culture.

The multimedia program was presented to teachers. It is now in the process of testing and finalizing (More details about the program)

When the program will be completed, it will be in the open access to all teachers who will be able to download the program from our web-site. 

The Multimedia program Multimedia presentation program to help primary school teachers. The public fund "Taalim Forum" is working on creation of a multimedia program to help primary school teachers on integration of knowledge about the nature and culture of Kyrgyzstan in school education. The program will include additional material on “History of Nature” subject. Presentation of the demo version, which already has the materials on many topics, was held for primary school teachers. The program has been enthusiastically adopted by teachers who noted the value and the ability to use submissions in other subjects such as art, literature, music, as well as extra-curricular lessons conducted for educational purposes. The greatest interest was aroused topics on Kyrgyz culture and traditions. Many participants expressed their willingness to cooperate, to help with the materials and also agreed to test the program handed out to them on discs in their classrooms. "The program contains video, audio, photos and pictures, animation, graphics, and texts that will be great help to teachers experiencing a shortage of teaching materials" - said the consultant for the project and one of the authors of textbooks on "History of Nature” D. Mambetova . The program will be further developed in the second year of the project and will be presented to the specialists of the Kyrgyz Academy of Education to obtain reviews and recommendations. Program will be able to use in school, both in Russian and Kyrgyz languages learning.

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