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Film produced by the project activity of "Taalim Forum" PF to strengthen the network of environmental education in Pamir and Tien Shan. The project was supported by Collaborative Snow Leopard Conservation Program of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and The Christensen Fund at The Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The goal of the Collaborative Program is to protect snow leopards from extinction and preserve their habitats in high mountain landscapes of Pamir, Tien-Shan, Altai and Sayans.

Taalim-Forum experts developed and tested on practice educational materials aimed at increasing environmental awareness of people living in mountain regions through improving eco-education at schools and strengthening the potential of school teachers. The educational programs that included training for teachers (ToT) and eco-camp for school-students have been tested in July 2016 in Pamir region.

School teachers of various subjects from four districts of the Pamir region and researchers from Khorog University took part in five-day training called “Nature–Culture–Human”. The training followed by five-day eco-camp organized for schoolchildren arrived from four remote districts of Gorno-Badakhshan region, including Roshtkala, Ishkashim, Rushan, and Murgab.

Educational activities were continued in Kalmakashu village located on the territory of the Chon-Kemin Nature Park, Kyrgyzstan. The teachers from mountain regions of Tien-Shan participated in the training. 

The program of the training demonstrate importance of snow leopard for preserving mountain ecosystems; to promote holistic/ecosystems approach in understanding conservational issues; to discuss the role of traditional values and knowledge in preserving local flora and fauna; to spread the concept of biocultural diversity; to discuss practical forms and methods of eco-education among school-children.