Publishing activities of the Foundation

Taalim-Forum Public Foundation actively develops publishing activities and publishes educational literature. The foundation has developed and published books, including children's literature, coloring books and manuals for teachers. Due to the fact that there is an acute shortage of educational literature in the Kyrgyz language, most of our books are published in the Kyrgyz language. Great attention is paid to the quality of the published books . 


Most of the illustrations are created by the talented artist Kulnar Rymbek. The books are published in cooperation with children's writers, professional specialists and experienced teachers. The Foundation actively participates in the Translation Program of the U.S. Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic. Developed children's literature, teaching manuals, and multimedia resources are evaluated by independent experts and evaluated by the Kyrgyz Academy of Education under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, and recommended for use in schools.

We are working on publishing books on various topics: 

  • Books for the general public (brochures, methodologies, manuals ....) 
  • Coloring books 
  • Books for schoolchildren 
  • Illustrated books for toddlers 
  • Books forthe "Time to Read" program 
  • U.S. Embassy translation program books 

All books are available for purchase at the Foundation office.

Books for the general public

Books for schoolchildren

Coloring books

Illustrated books for toddlers

Books forthe "Time to Read" program

Contact us

Address: Moscow 191, Bishkek

Phone: 0 312 298681




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